PhysioStep LXT Recumbent Cross Trainer

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It's Time to Start Moving Today!

The PhysioStep LXT – Recumbent Linear Cross Trainer was proudly designed, developed, & patented in the USA to help a diverse range of people meet their personal goals and feel good doing it!

Whether it is for weight loss, general health improvement, cardiac rehabilitation, corporate wellness or transitioning from Physical Therapy to Home Exercise, the PhysioStep LXT Recumbent Linear Cross Trainer is the ideal piece of equipment to get you moving!

The PhysioStep LXT recumbent linear stepping motion gives you an easy and effective low impact total body workout. It combines a stable and stress free recumbent sitting position, with the natural feeling of walking. The innovative Linear Stepping Motion is incredibly smooth and easy on your joints.

The PhysioStep LXT Recumbent Linear Cross Trainer has a large, oversized “ultra comfortable” swivel seat that adjusts easily and fully rotates making this unit easily accessible for people with low mobility. Other features include a low profile walk through design & ergo grip handles to work your arm and core muscles. The fully adjustable arms, seat, and seat back accommodate a wide range of users.

The large 9" LCD display provides all your workout information in a clear and easy to read format. Built with high quality commercial components and available at an affordable price the PhysioStep LXT Recumbent Linear Cross Trainer is perfect for commercial, medical, rehabilitation or home applications.

Let us help you take a Step in the right direction and get moving today!



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